The Scientific Formula

for Buteyko Breathing

The Bohr Effect has always been used as the theoretical foundation for Buteyko Breathing. However the Bohr effect has a big downside when used to explain Buteyko Breathing: It doesn't mention breathing, health or chronic diseases at all. A suitable scientific formula for Buteyko Breathing needs to also explicitly mention breathing and health as significant factors.

That's why it's better to use the scientific formula called the Buteyko Effect. The Buteyko Effect is a comprehensive scientific formula that explains why Buteyko Breathing works. The formula of the Buteyko Effect starts with breathing volume and ends with better health and fitness, using 9 causal relationships that show how breathing volume affects CO2 levels, pH, hemoglobin-oxygen affinity, blood oxygenation, oxygen consumption and (finally) health, fitness and chronic disease.

The Bohr Effect is a central part of the Buteyko Effect. The difference between the two is that the Buteyko Effect also describes what happens before the CO2 increase and after the decrease in Hb-O2 affinity. The Buteyko Effect is very suitable for explaining why better breathing brings about better health and fitness. It's a complete scientific formula that makes Buteyko theory simpler and straightforward.

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Buteyko Breathing Effect